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Mathematical Betting

As we have already stated several times in previous articles, going to the checkout is not a mere matter of luck but is the product of study , method and application . If you want to get good at sports betting and understand how to win a ticket , we recommend that you start focusing on math . Mathematical calculations and patience are the weapons at your disposal to win bets and guarantee you a positive profit in the long run .

Mathematical calculations to win bets

Why math? I’ll explain it to you right away: if you play a ticket with 20 games belonging to different leagues, you are much more likely to lose your bet . It has been statistically proven that the longest bets (with more than 5/6 events) are lost once in three .

This happens because, as much as bookmakers may have you believe that some teams are favorites over others, there are actually a number of factors that determine the so-called “ surprise of the day “ that will compromise your betting slip. That’s why you have to analyze the games well . So, play math, choose 4 or 5 games , analyze them well and bet only on those.


The potential payout will be significantly lower than a 20 game ticket but on the other hand you will have a very high chance of catching all the results.

The patient then is fundamental: it is scientifically proven that all those seeking easier ways to win a board almost always end up losing. So, be patient, bet little, both in terms of economic investment and in terms of the number of events to bet on. Over time the mechanism will become clearer and you will be able to maximize your winnings while reducing risks.

The basic rule for winning your bets is: apply a method and do some mathematical calculations to win the bets.

Use math to your advantage and start earning with sports.

We have already explained why it is important to be patient and use mathematical calculations to win sports bets . To understand how to make a bet with the certainty of winning, you need to know a little probabilistic theory. In particular, it is necessary to know that the probability of an event (eg the victory of a team in a football match) attributed to the same event by the bookmaker (or by the company that manages the betting game) is equal to the reciprocal of the indicated odds.

It is therefore necessary to calculate what 1 is divided by the odds (x 100 if we want the percentage%) to know the probability of the event attributed by the bookmaker. This is the concept of value .

Let’s take an example to clarify the concept:

Match Arsenal — Liverpool .

The outcome is quite uncertain, but we assume there is a 30% chance that Liverpool will win. We continue to assume that the bookmaker we rely on is quoting Liverpool’s victory at 2.5.

In this case, if you want to determine the exact amount to bet based on the real probability of success of the prediction, the mathematical betting to win the bet is as follows:

[(2.5 x (30/100)] — [1 / (2.5–1)] x 100] = 8.33

At this point, imagine you have a budget of € 200.00. The percentage of your bankroll to invest in the victory of Liverpool corresponds to 8.33% of € 200.00, therefore € 16.50.

This mathematical calculation will allow you to manage your budget efficiently, preventing you from running out of all your capital in a short time. Obviously, if you tend to make estimates higher than the real ones, the percentage obtained through the formula will be disproportionate and, over time, your budget may run out. Conversely, if you tend to make estimates lower than the real ones, you will have a profit margin below what you could have earned considering the right probability.

However, there is a quick method that performs the right mathematical calculations for you to win bets and does not require any effort, except to place the bet on the bookmaker you prefer, moreover, as we have already said in other articles, the secret to win with betting is studying the statistics of matches and leagues. In fact, by betting randomly, you will hardly be winning in the long run. However, studying matches, leagues and odds takes a long time and can be very boring. How then? The answer comes from computer predictions: Feedinco

This is the first algorithm that offers you an infinite stream of predictions, always new at every access and available from any device, it will show you in real time Sports Predictions from Expert Tipsters. The reliability indicators will guide you in choosing your predictions, always providing you with all the information on the top tipsters and a real-time consultancy service will calculate for you the probability of winning your bets . Additionally, this technology adapts to your play and gives you feedback on your win rate with certain odds or leagues. How much would you be willing to pay for such a service? Try it for free .

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